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  • Germany – left holding most of the bill

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        A UK-exit will leave Germany carrying the lion’s share of the cost of propping up the ailing EU economies. They are much more tied into the EU than the UK was, given that it was largely set up to prevent another European war. The relationship chart between Germany and the EU has a good-for-business Earth Grand Trine of Taurus Moon trine Capricorn Sun Mercury trine a Virgo North Node, formed into a Kite by Sun Mercury opposition a 10th house Pluto – so certainly an influential pairing and very controlling. No surprises Germany ended up top dog. That relationship will be speared at soul level by the September Solar Arc conjunct the composite, heavily aspected, 12th house North …Keep reading »
  • EU finances – cutting off their noses in spite

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        For all the bluster and huff in Brussels – get thee hence and never darken our doorstep again – they are rather obscuring the fact that they are about to lose their second largest net contributor (Germany first). It will blow a considerable hole in EU finances (and banks) which are not in that great a shape to start with. The European Central Bank (ECB) was agreed on 1 June 1998, got under way on 1 Jan 1999. Both charts look devastated in the time ahead. The 1998 chart with tr Saturn square tr Neptune hitting the 10 degree Gemini Sun this year into 2017; and early in 2017 as well tr Saturn in a deflating square to …Keep reading »
  • TTIP – creative, controlling, grandiose and obsessively secretive

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      The TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) was kicked off in negotiation on 7 July 2013 with the purpose of promoting trade between the US and the EU. Supposedly it would benefit the EU by 120 billion euros worth of trade; the US by 90 billion; and the rest of the world by 100 billion. The theory is to open up trade but it has been heavily criticised for the impact on labour, lowering of regulatory conditions and the secrecy under which talks have taken place. The start chart certainly reeks of self-protectionism, secrecy and a drive for power and control –  with a Water Grand Trine of Jupiter in Cancer trine Saturn trine Neptune, formed into a Kite …Keep reading »
  • Jean Claude Juncker – the ugly face of the EU

      Jean Claude Juncker, the Luxembourgian President of the European Commission, who got the job after vociferous protests from David Cameron is getting his own back by acting the bully boy. As a consequence some are saying he’s what’s wrong with the EU and must go. Born 9 December 1954, he is a Sun Sagittarius with Mars in Pisces square a Sagittarius Mercury, and opposition Pluto, so not backwards about venting his spleen. He’s also got a lucky Uranus Jupiter in Cancer in a can-be fanatical square to Neptune. Plus an unsentimental Saturn Venus in Scorpio. His Solar Arc Pluto is square his Jupiter this year so he’ll be extra-bullish; with tr Pluto trine his Mars/Jupiter and square his Jupiter-Node …Keep reading »
  • UK – sacrificial victim or trail blazer

    Interesting point about difficulties showing up on a chart. For example FTSE 250 heading downhill fast is all ‘the fault’ of Brexit. It would still have had lousy influences if Remain had won. It’s a question to which there is no easy answer. Recently I did a personal chart which showed heavy tr Pluto to Mars and Sun and the person was in the middle of a murderous argument with obdurate, unpleasant and corrupt others. The individual wanted to walk away which was common sense, but as I explained those transits run on until late 2017, so the energy has to go somewhere. The likelihood is that one set of hateful circumstances will just get replaced by another, unless the …Keep reading »
  • Questions & Comments

    Please post below – fun as well as unfun …………Keep reading »
  • UK finances – a decision with a high price tag

        The pound is down to a 31 year low against the dollar and the markets are sliding further. According to the Telegraph Business Editor the FTSE 250, launched 12 Oct 1992, is a better guide to the internal economy than the FTSE 100. It is now down 13% which is getting pretty close to a crash. That chart is not remotely cheering over the next three years. A T-square of Neptune Uranus in Capricorn opposition Mars square a Libra Sun is under assault from tr Pluto conjunct Neptune at the moment, bringing devastation and confusion. Tr Pluto then reverses back in a scary, trapped opposition to Mars twice before the autumn as well as being in a disruptive …Keep reading »
  • The Monarchy – can it hold up when everything else crashes down?

      With the UK ceiling falling down, there are questions about the status of the Monarchy. Not that leaving the EU will have any affect. But as representatives of the old order, they are in an anomalous situation, with much resting on the Queen’s 90 year old shoulders. The Hanoverian monarchy was established on 1 August 1714. Edward V11 did change the family name to his father’s but since he was Victoria’s son and direct heir, the lineage did continue. That chart looks panicky and cornered in 2016/17; and thoroughly off balance by 2018. It’ll have been through heavy influences in its 300 year history but the whole period up to 2023 looks very jangled, discouraged and road-blocked. Prince Charles …Keep reading »