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  • Julian Castro – a visionary Virgo who packs a punch

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      Julian Castro is a Democrat politician, former Mayor of San Antonio, Texas, and in Obama’s Cabinet since 2014, who is being talked of as a possible running mate for Hillary Clinton. Born 16 Sept 1974, Texas, he’s a Sun and Venus in Virgo (not conjunct); with Venus opposition Jupiter square Neptune in Sagittarius; and his Sun sextile Saturn.  Sensible, hard-working, idealistic, at times over hopeful or gets carried away with his dreams (Jupiter Neptune).  He’s also got a powerhouse Mars Pluto in Libra, perhaps conjunct a Libra/Virgo Moon; with Mercury Uranus also in Libra. So a curious mix of understated Virgo, slightly over-charming Venus; plus a do-or-die determined Mars Pluto. He doesn’t look too upbeat this year with tr …Keep reading »
  • Madeleine McCann case – no end in sight

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      The Madeleine McCann case drags on with no end in sight, cheering or otherwise. Goncalo Amaral, the original Portuguese police chief investigator has had his libel conviction overturned. He wrote a best seller called The Truth of the Lie which suggested the McCann parents were responsible for a  cover up. They are now appealing the reversal of their case in the Supreme Court. He was born 2 Oct 1959 so is a Sun Moon Mars Mercury in Libra as befits a justice-seeker; though he also has Saturn trine Pluto, sextile Neptune – so could get carried away with a sense of mission with idealistic/delusionary Neptune leading. His Mars is badly affected over 2016/17 with tr Pluto square and then …Keep reading »
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  • David Cameron – fending off the daggers

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      Tory tempers are getting very rattled and ratty as the Referendum date approaches (dear Lord make it soon before we all keel over from boredom, important though it is.) David Cameron is coming in for increasingly toxic criticism from his own party of the Brexit persuasion with open talk of a post-referendum leadership challenge, no matter what the result. The Tories have always been better at beheading unwanted leaders than the Left, but when Maggie Thatcher was ousted there were obvious indicators on the Conservative Party chart, 12 Nov 1867 – tr Pluto conjunct the Scorpio Sun and in the run up conjunct the Solar Arc Uranus; with tr Neptune opposition Uranus. So turmoil, radical transformation and high anxiety. …Keep reading »
  • Elizabeth Warren – a force for good

        Elizabeth Warren, Democratic Senator, former lawyer and consumer protection advocate is being talked of as a potential VP for Hillary Clinton. She’d bring a much needed anti-Wall Street slant. Born  22 June 1949, Oak Hill, OK, with a possible rectified time of 1.51pm, she’s an innovative Sun Uranus in Cancer in a sensible sextile to hard-working, meticulous Saturn in Virgo; with Jupiter trine Mars (Mercury) in Gemini. The Cancer Sun will tune her into the public mood and she’ll be a good communicator. In addition she’s got a Yod of Saturn sextile Sun Uranus inconjunct Jupiter which has the potential to make her a force for good out in society. And the Solar Arc positions of that Yod …Keep reading »
  • Rio Olympics – zika fears fuel calls for pull-out

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      The run-up to every Olympics is plagued by panics over terrorism, unfinished stadiums, and inadequacies of the local hosts. Now health specialists have said the zika virus will make the Rio Olympics unsafe since the half million visitors could spread it globally when they return home. They want it moved or cancelled but that seems unlikely to happen. The Opening Ceremony is scheduled for 8pm on 5th August in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, which gives a strained 6th house Leo Sun on the focal point of a Yod to Neptune opposition Pluto, and the Sun exactly on the opposition to the Neptune/Pluto midpoint. Ebertin says of Sun=Neptune/Pluto, amongst other attributes: ‘peculiar diseases’.  But even without the prospect of an …Keep reading »
  • Johnny Depp – seemed a good idea at the time

      Actor Johnny Depp (Pirates of the Caribbean, Edward Scissorhands etc) is being sued by his wife of fifteen months, actress Amber Heard, for divorce. It was always an odd match with Depp on the rebound from Vanessa Paradis; and Heard, so attached to her pet dogs she smuggled them into Australia. Plus his career is not flourishing with five commercial flops in a row. He was born  9 June 1963 8.44am Owensboro, KY; and she 22 April 1986 Austin, TX. He’s a Gemini Sun with a Capricorn Moon and she’s a Taurus Sun with a Libra Moon – at that level it’s OK. But Her Mars is conjunct his Moon; her Uranus opposes his Sun and her Saturn is …Keep reading »
  • France – Socialist Government facing angry workers

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      The French government, as expected, is beginning to row back on their much-needed labour reforms in the face of the usual, aggressive worker solidarity out on the streets. There is serious disruption with strikes and blockades at oil refineries, nuclear power stations, ports and transport hubs. And only two weeks to the Euro 2016 football championships to be played in venues all over France.  That was already creating security headaches but no petrol or trains? Quelle horreur. The reformist Prime Minister Manuel Valls, 13 August 1962, 8pm Barcelona, Spain is looking very lack-lustre across the summer with tr Saturn square his Jupiter in Pisces opposition Pluto, so his urge to power is meeting a solid roadblock. Tr Saturn is …Keep reading »